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Three Ways To Prepare For Skin Cancer Surgery

Skin cancer is a very common form of cancer, but if caught early there is a very good recovery rate for most types of skin cancer. Most people notice a mole or a freckle start to change, and if you see any of this make sure that you do visit a dermatologist. If you have already been diagnosed with skin cancer there is a good chance that you have an appointment set up to get the skin cancer removed. Well, going in for any type of surgery can be scary, but here are just a few tips to make your recovery as pleasant and speedy as possible. 

Plan To Bring Someone 

You may not often think that having a friend or family member there for you will be important, but it is important for a few reasons. First and foremost when you get done with the surgery your doctor is going to walk you through the best way to heal. You may be a little bit flustered from just coming out of getting the cancer removed. It is very good to have a friend or family member there for you. They will be able to take notes and remember some of the specific details you may miss. They will also be able to drive you home. 

Get Your Ointments

Part of your recovery is going to be keeping the area disinfected and moist. It is going to be a very important that you have this type of ointment on hand when you get home. It is going to be very beneficial to you to have those on hand when you get home. So, make sure that you are all stocked up with the ointment. You do not want to get home and realize that you do not have what you need to make a full recovery. The last thing that you are going to want to do the day of your surgery is to go into the store to pick up ointment.

No Blood Thinners

Taking most medical blood thinners such as aspirin is going to be a big no. Blood thinners make it much more difficult to control any bleeding that may occur during the surgery. It is also going to be important not to eat natural blood thinners such as garlic up to a week before your surgery. Something as simple as staying away from natural and medical blood thinners may help the surgery go smoother.  

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